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Crime Rates Amongst Coronavirus Pandemic

By Dom Jasinauskas and Myra Leon  Creator: Raed Mansour, Source: Wikimedia Commons Chicago Crime During Pandemic While a stern shelter-in-place order from Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot has moved Chicagoans indoors during the global pandemic, it hasn’t exactly put a halt to crime, an analysis of Chicago and FBI crime data shows. TheContinue reading “Crime Rates Amongst Coronavirus Pandemic”

Sanders vs Biden

At a time, where our selection for presidential candidates is narrowing down, it is important to view the main remaining candidates and their policies. By reviewing and having their policies organized and factually stated, it helps see their information more concretely. There is no confusion or miscommunication between who the candidates are. Sanders is aContinue reading “Sanders vs Biden”

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